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sharevideos's Journal

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Share Videos
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This community is for sharing music videos.
This is the place to post/request any videos of anything musical; jams, music videos, interviews, live shows...Whatever it is, this is the place for it. The more members we have, the easier it'll be to have requests fulfilled and the easier it'll be to have more and more people appreciating you sharing the videos!
If there are any problems, feel free to contact the moderators: 1964 & kissmejules

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You can upload the videos on You send it or Megaupload.
You Send It: your video can be downloaded 25 times and will remain downloadable for seven days.
Megaupload: your video can be downloaded until it has not been downloaded for 30 days.
Here is some help if you're confused:
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Once your upload is complete, and it may take a while depending on your connection speed, then a link is provided. Copy and paste that link into your post and viola!

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There aren't many rules, so it's pretty liberal here but please stick to the few we have:
[1]Try not to request/post videos concerning world wide superstars [ie-Britney Spears]
[2]No rudeness
[3]Don't promote any communities which have nothing to do with this one
[4]When you request a video, try to post one as well
[5]Please try to limit how many posts you make within, say, one hour.

That is all, have fun!

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